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Shopify: Metafields Explained

What are Metafields? Metafields are custom fields of data that can be connected to any object in Shopify, whether that’s a product, collection, customer, page, blog post etc. If you were to look at a product for example, say you’re selling a car, you might say that the car has lots of properties, max speed,… Read more »

Satisfying Slack Commands to Monitor Your Business

One of my favourite things to work with are Slack bots! For those of you that don’t use Slack, it’s a messaging app built primarily for teams, it’s growing in popularity and is used pretty heavily among remote teams. It’s built in a way that you can have different channels, channels can be different departments… Read more »

WordPress: Building the Click Social Website

When we looked at re-doing our business website, we weren’t sure what platform to use. We’d done quite a few projects in WordPress and thought that it might be a good solution for allowing us to control content and also do a little bit of blogging. We couldn’t find a theme that really stood out… Read more »

Shopify: No Importing or Exporting Collections?

During a recent project that we worked on, we were surprised to see that Shopify still doesn’t give you the ability to import or export collections from a store. But they do give you this option for other things such as project/customers and discount codes. We were setting up a new Shopify store where we… Read more »

The Best Team Project Management Tools

One of the things that we’re always having a constant battle with is choosing the best applications and systems to manage our projects and keep on top of our business. Everyday new apps are springing up and the list to choose from is getting bigger and bigger. New apps with automated features, all promising to… Read more »